Prohibited Items

MilitaryFirearms, Military uniforms/Police uniforms, Military decorations, medals, and awards
ReligiousReligious literature, documents, and translations
Counterfeit productsBrands, Coins, Notes etc.
NarcoticsDrugs, Alcoholic beverages and machines, Alcoholic spirits and Brewery machinery, Tobacco
Hazardous or combustible productsFlammable substances, Fireworks, Asbestos, Toxics materials, Explosives, Radioactive substances, Aerosols, Petroleum products
Stolen goodsAny products
AnimalsLivestock, Ivory, animal semen and embryos
ServicesIllegal Services
DevicesJammers/ Descramblers
DocumentsAny kind of certificates (Birth, married, education), driving licenses, passports, and visas
MetalsBullion, Titanium, vanadium and rare earth minerals
FreebeeGifts, Lotteries, Raffles, or Contests
FinanceInvoices, bonds, investment interests, Digital currencies, Bank card readers, skimmers, Stocks, Money transfers, Bank guarantees, Letters of credit (LC), loans, fundraising, and investment
MedicalMedicine, Advice, Services
Petroleum products Gases and Fuel